Check out our first ever Kickstarter campaign all about natural building, off grid living and doing it DEBT FREE!!

We just launched our first EVER Kickstarter campaign.

Building a Natural Home and Off Grid Living – DVD/BluRay video series

A video series documenting how to build a natural home from designing, building and finishing, utilizing Permaculture principles and taught by expert natural builders. Learn everything, hands on from building a rocket mass heater, to timbre framing, to working with cob, and earthen plasters, straw bale building, off grid water and energy production systems and more!

Here is the link to the Kickstarter page.

Check out more details under the Workshops page.

Back from Europe

We just got back from a great, although cold trip to Germany and happy to be home at the farm.
Glasers in Germany 2013
Meike was gone all of March and I left on the 20th for the last 2 weeks of the trip, expecting it to be warmer there than here at 1100 meters in snow… I was mistaken. Not prepared for the blistering coldsnap that was blanketing most of Europe (I guess I could have looked at a weather report before heading off…) I only brought spring cloths with me… Regardless it was a fun few weeks shared with family and friends, and I even got a rugby game in with a team I play with in Holland.

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2012 was amazing… 2013 will be even better!


So, finally we are online with the website. It will grow. New information on what we are up to, as well as what we are planning will be posted here and on our facebook group. We are trying to get this page up to date and as such, we will begin posting several galleries of our last summers work.

We are: Oliver and Meike Glaser and our two beautiful kids Emil and Eva.
So here is what we have been up to in the last year.

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