Permaculture to Me (Oliver)

Permaculture – a whole system approach to design and implementation of systems to live with/by/on. This means gardens, food forests, water, energy, shelter, etc… By this method we are shaping our property and our lives. Its wonderful. But practitioners of permaculture principles are by their nature, “preppers”… not “the sky is falling, terrorists are gonna take over types”… but people that would rather be prepared for an uncertain future and never have anything come to pass than be unprepared and have the world around us (as a result of natural disasters or enviromental changes or for economical or political reasons) collapse.

So in writing this, I guess I am a “prepper”, only recently having become comfortable with the term. These principles of permaculture can be utilized whether you are living on a big piece of land like us, or in a cramped urban environment. It just takes some work and the desire to make a REAL difference. Permaculture takes ideas of sustainablility and organic gardening and applies it to entire systems, working together. If you want to know more about what we are hoping to do here, check out Sepp Holzer (a real inspiration to us). An austrian farmer who grows citrus outside at 4500′ altitude in the alps!!!… so our 3200′ should be nothing!!! LOL

thank you. that is all!