Back from Europe

We just got back from a great, although cold trip to Germany and happy to be home at the farm.
Glasers in Germany 2013
Meike was gone all of March and I left on the 20th for the last 2 weeks of the trip, expecting it to be warmer there than here at 1100 meters in snow… I was mistaken. Not prepared for the blistering coldsnap that was blanketing most of Europe (I guess I could have looked at a weather report before heading off…) I only brought spring cloths with me… Regardless it was a fun few weeks shared with family and friends, and I even got a rugby game in with a team I play with in Holland.

While away our friends Drew and Nicole and their beautiful baby Riel looked after our place, making sure that our dog Lexi, our two cats and the 6 chickens were fed and well looked after. Not only that, they tended the seedlings that I had sewn only days before leaving that will become the foundation for our gardens to be built this spring.

Excited we received reports that our chickens had started laying eggs again. At first only one a day for a few days and then suddenly 3 and 4 per day! YUMMY!

One of the things that I had a lot of time to do while away was work on our priority lists of things to do for the coming spring, summer and fall. The list got longer and longer…. and longer and I got more and more excited about all the projects that we would be getting to this season! I began making sketches of some of the various ideas that I had. OH THE PLANS!!!

waterwheel sketch

Today is our first day home and we are looking forward to getting started… Still jet lagged… we woke before 4am. Need to get the mail, groceries clean up and unpack. There is film transfer work waiting for me (check out my Newsreel Productions website for more info on that), organizing the week(s) ahead. More than anything today I (we) want to walk the property. Take it all in with Meike and the kids. See where we start and visualize what we can get done where this year. It certainly will help me to put everything into perspective…