Beginning our first Pond and Hugelkulture bed

So I spent a few hours with the excavator working on an idea to give us gravity fed water to our gardens by way of damming up a small runnoff creek that comes in at the highest point on our property, creating a pond and using that to feed a line that will run all the way to our gardens. After I finished the initial dig (I still have to bring in more material and expand the berm and enlarge the pond) I built our first hugelkulture bed near the driveway on the first small plateau as you drive in, using a lot of the waste that was left by the loggers years earlier. here is a short video showing some of the results. Thanks for reading and watching!

Permaculture to Me (Oliver)

Permaculture – a whole system approach to design and implementation of systems to live with/by/on. This means gardens, food forests, water, energy, shelter, etc… By this method we are shaping our property and our lives. Its wonderful. But practitioners of permaculture principles are by their nature, “preppers”… not “the sky is falling, terrorists are gonna take over types”… but people that would rather be prepared for an uncertain future and never have anything come to pass than be unprepared and have the world around us (as a result of natural disasters or enviromental changes or for economical or political reasons) collapse.
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Back from Europe

We just got back from a great, although cold trip to Germany and happy to be home at the farm.
Glasers in Germany 2013
Meike was gone all of March and I left on the 20th for the last 2 weeks of the trip, expecting it to be warmer there than here at 1100 meters in snow… I was mistaken. Not prepared for the blistering coldsnap that was blanketing most of Europe (I guess I could have looked at a weather report before heading off…) I only brought spring cloths with me… Regardless it was a fun few weeks shared with family and friends, and I even got a rugby game in with a team I play with in Holland.

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